Personal Care from Real People

We strive to support seniors, living independently or in care, to enjoy recreational activities that are safe, fun, engaging and create wonderful memories. We are passionate about working with seniors to ensure they do not endure loneliness or a sense of isolation. We want our senior community to have opportunities to connect to their families, friends and wider community.

senior lady with carer

Family Business

Linda started Allinda’s Care & Companion Service when she and her husband Al saw a need in the market for services that support seniors to access and participate in safe, fun recreational activities of their choice. Having worked in Aged Care Linda saw many seniors who, having to leave their home or losing their partner, they missed doing special things they used to do and want the opportunity to create new memories doing the things they love. To have something to look forward to.

Linda and Al recognised that many seniors whether they live independently or in care, endure loneliness and isolation, a situation exacerbated with COVID-19 restrictions. Seniors may want to visit their families and be a part of special family gatherings or participate in a range of activities in the wider community. Many seniors have difficulty attending appointments and may need an advocate to navigate them through the complex medical system.

Al plays a key role in the business supporting clients. He has been a registered Enrolled Nurse for 21 years and has many years’ experience working in the disability sector. Together, with a team of dedicated, caring Aged Care professionals, Allinda’s Care & Companion Service strives to provide a high quality service to support seniors and their families.

How Can We Help?

Instill Confidence

We provide support to seniors to attend appointments and provide advocacy support. We also provide in home respite for carers.

Reconnect with Loved Ones

We provide support for seniors to visit their families and friends.

Get Back to The Things You Love

We help make it possible for seniors to attend special events, enjoy day trips and short holidays.

Feel Supported

We also support people with disabilities but we are not registered with NDIS.

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elderly man with carer

Our Vision

We will provide support for seniors to attend appointments, visit their families and friends, attend special events, take day trips and take short holidays. Professional carer’s will ensure all clients’ personal care needs are attended to with dignity.

Seniors’ will be engaged in planning activities of their choice so that they have fun activities to look forward to, engage in and have long lasting memories of their experience.