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We are a professional personal care and companion service and would love to work with seniors and/or their families to plan activities of their choice. Risk management is our first priority. We take the time to assess our client’s needs and we are there every step of the way to plan, support, encourage and ensure a fun experience with lasting memories.

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Just because you live alone or live in care it doesn’t mean you can’t still do the things you enjoy.


Do you have a senior family member who lives independently or in care? Do you need a helping hand so that your family member can enjoy being part of a family gathering or event?

Our Mission

We strive to improve the social and emotional well being of the senior community. We provide opportunities and support to help seniors engage more fully with families, friends and the wider community.

Did you know?

10% of seniors over 65 suffer chronic loneliness and a sense of isolation. For many seniors, COVID-19 restrictions have exacerbated their loneliness and isolation.

We would love to work with seniors and/or their families to create individually designed activities to suit a person’s particular interests, care needs, ability and budget.

At Allinda’s Care & Companion Services we have a group of qualified and caring professionals that will accompany you to any outing you may have planned such as attending medical appointments, visiting family, seeing a movie, dine out, go fishing, go on a picnic, go on a day trip or have a short holiday – whatever your heart desires.

Why Choose Allinda’s Care?

Qualified Care

All of our carers are accredited in the area of caregiving, nursing or have extensive experience in disability care.

Extensive Support

Seniors shouldn’t have to miss out on activities due to mobility, health, incontinence or transport issues.

Our Founders

Al & Linda are incredibly passionate about providing quality care to seniors. They both have qualifications in healthcare and want to make a difference.

Catered To You

We want to work closely with you to plan an activity designed to suit your specific needs, ability and interests. We provide everything you need to make it possible.

How people are using Allinda’s Care


Go to medical appointments

Our carers will transport clients to and from their home to attend appointments and provide advocacy support if needed.

Get a meal with friends

Be ready to catch up with old friends. Organise when and where and we will be there for support and care throughout.

Visit the theatre

There are always new movies and musicals coming out. We will help arrange your special event, a carer will escort you and will support you throughout.

Go on a family holiday

We cater to the conditions and schedules when families may not have the resources. Our qualified workers are there to help after the fun with the family!

An overnight trip

We make it possible for the right care and help to be administered on a longer stay away. It is time to organise that trip to the beach with friends now!

Trip down memory lane

We understand there are places that hold a special place in people’s memories. We make it possible to be reminded of great times with safe trips.

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