We encourage all users of Allinda’s Care & Companion Service platform to keep themselves informed about the latest health advice from State and Commonwealth Governments.

Some important information

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Support For Aged Care

In March 2020 the Australian Department of Health developed training to support community workers in the health and aged care sector to protect themselves and the people they care for from infection with COVID-19.

Infection Control & Prevention

It is mandatory for carers/companions working for Allinda’s Care & Companion Service to complete COVID-19 Infection Control training to be able to provide clients using our services.

COVID-19 Certificate

If you have not completed covid-19 Infection Control training, a certificate of completion is available online at the Commonwealth Government Department of Health website.

Before Your Appointment With Us

Clients will be contacted by the Manager prior to their service to:

Do you have flu like symptoms?

Will check whether you or someone in their household had any symptoms or flu like illness in the 14 days prior to the booked service.

Have you come in contact with COVID-19?

Have you, a person in your household, or a person in the home been diagnosed or had close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.

Have you been overseas?

Have you, someone in your house returned from overseas in the last 14 days or are in self-isolation or self-quarantine?

Have you been to any case locations?

Have you been to any of the case locations identified by State Government Health Departments that require action?

If There Are Any Symptoms During An Activity


Cease face-to-face contact and recommend the person to self-isolate.


Call the Victorian Coronavirus Health Information Line (1800 675 398) or if symptoms are severe call 000.


Notify the person’s emergency contact.


Notify the Allinda’s Care & Companion Service’s Manager on 0488 989 808.


Call the Victorian Coronavirus Health Information Line (1800 675 398) and discuss if you can access priority COVID-19 testing and/or if you should self-isolate.

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How A Carer/Companion Can Support Client Health Concerns

In an emergency and/or if symptoms are severe dial OOO. In addition they will:

Find and contact the client’s emergency contact.

Contact Victorian Department of Health Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 675 398.

Contact Allinda’s Care & Companion Service’s Manager on 0488 989 808.